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Mar 28, 2011

FILM CLIPS: Focus on Bangladesh

The garment industry has become vital to the economic development of Bangladesh, providing millions of dollars in foreign exchange earnings and providing two million, mainly women, workers with a vital source of income. On one hand the industry has enabled an increasing number of women with the opportunity to earn an income and gain independence, but there is also a dark side. Bangladeshi garment workers, producing for big high street companies like Tesco and Primark, earn poverty wages, work long hours and face serious risks to their health.
Shuma Sakar, a Bangladesh worker producing Primark clothes, and Shahida Begum from the National Garment Workers Federation in Bangladesh came to visit Labour Behind the Label in the UK in December 2008. Learn more about their lives and work by watching interviews with them on the Fashioning an Ethical Industry You Tube profile. 

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